Currently, Madison Partners actively manages over 1 million square feet of retail shopping centers. Our accounting staff is headed by a Certified Public Accountant, with over 10 years of real estate management experience. Our accounting group is capable of generating financial information in various forms for our local, national and international investors. Madison Partners’ lenders appreciate the timely and accurate reports that we provide and our responsiveness to their follow-up questions and requests for custom reports (e.g. revised quarterly projections).

Our property managers are trained to meet all the needs of the individual property or client portfolio and excel at approaching each property and tenant with a personal touch. Madison Partners’ management is very experienced in tenant negotiations resulting from the most recent recession. Our client base spans the United States and includes many different types of individuals and institutions. We are dedicated to meeting the distinct needs of each.

Madison Partners also possesses long-standing relationships with commercial lenders, investment banks and other financial institutions. Because we frequently interact with these individuals, our clients have access to the best financial options available for a given transaction.