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Over the past 18 to 24 months, rising fuel prices eroded disposable income and many of us became aware of just how dependent we are on foreign fuel. This is leading many people to look for alternative, less expensive, modes of transportation. Where can you find these kinds of solutions? At Blitz – Electric Mopeds & Scooters. Blitz is a new US Company which sells cutting edge, high tech, electric motorcycles mopeds and bikes. Blitz recently introduced these new electric motorcycles as part of its plan to bring clean, earth friendly, affordable, personal transportation to the public via its e-commerce website and storefront in Dallas, TX. You can drive over 12,000 miles for about $150. That kind of efficiency was unavailable prior to the introduction of our units. It’s the perfect vehicle for a college student, single driver or commuter. For many drivers; the savings in gas alone will pay for the unit in a year or less.