Madison Partners is a vertically integrated, diversified investment company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. We specialize in asset and property management and the leasing of commercial property throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We believe in giving each property or portfolio an equal amount of attention, time and effort independent of either the size of the property or the perceived difficulty of leasing the space. We pride ourselves in our ability to work creatively in our leasing, without compromising your investment goals. Madison is also an owner of significant commercial real estate holdings and understands that we are the landlord’s representative instead of the deal’s representative. This experience provides us the ability to analyze lease proposals at a higher level than your typical broker. Our property managers are trained to meet all the needs of the individual property or client portfolio and excel at approaching each property and tenant with a personal touch. Madison Partners’ management is very experienced in tenant negotiations resulting from the most recent recession. Our client base spans the United States and includes many different types of individuals and institutions. We are dedicated to meeting the distinct needs of each.